We Style Your Look

private, business & media performances by Head Department

Professionality, Creativity and Flair for an extraordinary performance:
Luxury Events / Business Occasions / Shooting & Film / Casual Look -
we put your character in scene,
displaying your natural beauty.

Experience and Empathy / Art & Know-how / Flexible & calm -
a combination of a seventh sense for Beauty, Aura and Transformation
are our arguments for your Style, Personality and Performance
Model / Private Customers / Actors / Business Women and Men / VIPs -
Stage / Parquet / Boulevard / Beach and Yacht.
Fashion shows your Style, Hair & Makeup emphasises your Personality!

Head Department stands for:
Beauty, exclusivity, fashion, style
and most of all for expressing your own personality.

Feel like a star. / Feel like yourself!
With the help of an international team,
which is unique through its coolness
combined with years of experience at a top notch level

We Create You Feel
what ever you wanna be…
ask: Whitney, Ringo, Campino… or have a look in our guest book
we are:...